Innovative Technology In A Box

An SDK so easy to work with it feels like cheating.

Accepting Payments Shouldn’t Be Hard

Handpoint’s world class Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution is easy to integrate and incredibly reliable. That means you can stop focusing on payments and focus instead on your business. With a number of existing POS integrations, we make it incredibly simple for ISOs and Merchants to get started. Are you a developer or an ISV instead? We’ve got your back. Starting a transaction can be done with a few API calls. No scary payments SDK here, we offer approachable and simple yet powerful SDKs.

One API to Rule Them All

One single integration to our APIs gives you access to any of Handpoint's card readers.

If a new card reader becomes available, you can start using it right away without having to go through the development process again.

You'll be notified if a new call is available in the SDKs and can decide whether or not to support the new functionality depending on what makes sense for your business.

Want to work with all of our processing partners? No problem. When you integrate to our API, you have access to them all. No extra development required.


No Giant Manual

We’re not here to waste your time. We take pride in our documentation, and keep it straightforward and simple. Our documentation is built around examples, sample apps, and the getting started guide is even open source. Copy and paste straight out of the documentation to start playing with different functionality. Less reading, more building.


No Matter The Platform, We Have You Covered.

Our SDK is available on most major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Browsers. Offering a full suite of functionality to developers from starting a sale to issuing a refund to offering tip adjustment and pre-authorization, we can do everything your business needs from its’ payments company. Best part? We give you all the control we can so you decide how you want to handle things like receipts and other functionality.

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UX Matters. So Make It Yours.

The integration to the Handpoint platform is practically seamless and extremely simple between your application and the card reader. That way you can focus on creating the perfect UX for your ideal user.

user experience

Security Is Priority Number 1.

We take security seriously, and to that end, we we encrypt all sensitive cardholder data on the card reader before it’s transmitted via a secure connection to the acquirer. Your app will never receive unencrypted cardholder data. Less work and more security. Pretty cool, huh?


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