Move to Integrated Payments

Handpoint’s platform makes it easy to offer a safe, secure, and flexible solution that your merchants and partners will love.

Built to Scale

Deployment, time to market, technical debt. These used to be scary words to any ISO. Not anymore. With Handpoint’s end-to-end platform including SDKs, cloud-hosted gateway, pre-certified terminals, remote key injection, and cloud-based terminal management tools, we’ve cut maintenance and deployment to an absolute minimum. With our powerful and flexible platform, you’re ready to scale.

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Built to accommodate the way you work

With Handpoint, you can offer the right software for your merchants and your salesforce, sell a compelling and differentiated range of affordable pre-certified semi-integrated secure mobile card readers, and utilize the only platform designed from the ground up to make integrated MPOS scalable, easy, and efficient.

No matter where you are today, Handpoint makes the migration to integrated payments easy, even in an EMV world.

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Get to market quickly with the right integrated solution

Work with our 20+ integrated NextGen POS ISVs in retail

ISVs in retail, restaurants, field services, and more have already chosen Handpoint for their integrated payments partner.

Easily add integrated payments to your own software

Powerful and flexible tools will give you pre-certified integrated mobile EMV with P2PE in a few lines of code.

Brandable out-of-the-box integrated MPOS

If you have a salesforce looking for an mPOS solution with a complete EMV security suite, resell or even white label our out-of-the-box mPOS app, ready to go to serve your customers. No heavy lifting required.

Developer-friendly tools to expand your reach

Offer a fast and easy integration path to your partners. Use Handpoint’s award-winning integration toolkits and work with developers on all the fastest growing platforms...iOS, Android, Windows, and Browser.

Manage Your Entire Portfolio in the Cloud

Handpoint’s cloud-hosted Terminal Management System on AWS makes it easy for you to activate, maintain, and enhance your integrated solutions over time.

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Around The World And Around Your Neighborhood

We’ve worked with everyone from bus companies to pharmacies to traditional retail and full service restaurants in the United States, Europe, and Africa. Our flexible and robust platform can accommodate your merchants’ workflows - the right card readers, the right payment types, the right developer tools, top processors. Plug and play activation, automated remote updates. Solutions for busy merchants.

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Flexible architecture for continued innovation

Payments is always evolving. You need a platform that keeps up. Handpoint is constantly innovating, integrating, inventing. We built the world’s first PCI-P2PE certified payments application. We have NFC, EMV tip adjustment, browser POS SDKs, global processor links, you name it. And it is all built in for you.

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