Integrated Payments Platform

End-to-end integrated payments platform with security, scalability and flexibility built in

Platform as a Service

Handpoint’s award winning Platform-as-a-Service solution (PaaS) is the glue that holds the payments ecosystem together for ISOs, Resellers, and ISVs. By building the essential software from our card readers all the way through to the processor, and everything in between, Handpoint’s PaaS solution is perfect for companies that value ease, security, and time to market.

platform as a service
SDK in mobile application

SDKs for your Products and ISV Partners

Yes, even you can have an integration path in an EMV world. Offer our simple yet powerful SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and Browser to your developer partners. Handpoint documentation is unsurpassed, and we’ll validate every integrated solution before it ever is in your merchants’ hands.

SDK in mobile application

Pre-Certified for EMV

There is no need for the POS solutions you sell to get EMV certified!! Build on our certifications instead. Our semi-integrated architecture means that the POS is completely out of scope from the EMV payment path. Software developers simply integrate with Handpoint’s award-winningly simple APIs getting to market with a mobile+EMV+P2PE offering - from card reader to processor - in hours to days.

credit card with chip for EMV
semi integrated architecture

Semi-Integrated Architecture

Handpoint’s semi-integrated architecture and P2PE encryption eliminate any sensitive data from the POS environment, reducing both risks from hackers and PCI audit issues, plus delivering all the savings from chargebacks that an EMV card reader offers.

How does it work? The POS simply tells an amount to the Handpoint card reader, and the card reader does all the rest. Our P2PE payment application, hosted on the card reader, encrypts the entire message with DUKPT and 3DES from the first dip, tap, or swipe. The encrypted message is routed directly to our security service and gateway switch, utilizing PCI-mandated security protocols, and then sent to your processor for authorization. The corresponding authorization is sent back directly to the Handpoint card reader, which simply returns the authorization and receipt to the POS.

semi integrated architecture

P2PE Security

Handpoint developed the world’s first PCI-P2PE payment application for mobile EMV. Handpoint’s P2PE payment application resides on the card reader itself - in a tamper proof environment - and encrypts the entire financial message using 3DES and DUKPT before sending to the Handpoint cloud-based gateway. Handpoint’s P2PE service decrypts, validates, and forwards the messages to acquirers around the globe.

P2PE security
terminal management system

Manage your Referral Partners and Solutions

If you work with multiple ISVs or channels, no problem. Manage them all in the Handpoint TMS, with heirarchies to manage relationships, tools to board terminals seamlessly with custom configs and to multiple processors, plus reporting and analytics to evaluate your best channels.

terminal management system

Industries Served

Handpoint works with a variety of industries that are inclusive of, but go way beyond, traditional restaurant and retail. From plane refueling to musical artists and Manchester United, Handpoint has been utilized in a wide variety of industries, but particularly where mobility and security matter.

industries served
fast and easy to activate terminals

Fast & Easy Merchant Setup

Handpoint’s cloud-hosted middleware on AWS makes it easy for you to activate, maintain, and enhance your integrated solutions over time. To add a merchant - all you need is some basic VAR sheet information and the device serial number. Enter that info into your cloud-based Terminal Management System. It takes less than a minute... and that's it! Coming soon… APIs to integrate the TMS functionality into your merchant boarding tools.

fast and easy to activate terminals

Remote Key Injection

With Handpoint’s remote key injection, the card reader can be shipped directly to the merchant. No delays and no costs for key injection. The card reader travels securely with no ability to process.

remote key injection
plug and play merchant activation

Plug and Play Merchant Activation

The Handpoint customer journey is designed for busy merchants and no onsite support. When merchants receive their card reader, a secure key governs the pairing with the POS. Once authenticated, the card reader automatically calls out to the Handpoint security service and downloads the latest terminal software, encryption keys, and merchant configuration, going live in less than 2 minutes with no on-site support. It is plug and play.

plug and play merchant activation

Over-the-Air Card Reader Updates

Maintain remote connectivity to your merchants’ card readers over time. If you want to update card readers or even upsell new features, you simply use the same cloud-hosted system to push an update to the card reader with essentially zero merchant effort and no downtime.

So if you need to support a Southern California merchant and your support team is located in Atlanta - no problem. You can diagnose and troubleshoot from the TMS, keep merchant terminals up to date over time, and enable relationship management to promote new solutions with the push of a button.

over the air reader updates
AWS gateway

AWS-hosted gateway

Our secure payment Gateway is hosted on Amazon Web Services, for maximum uptime and reliability with redundancy and distributed coverage built in. And if we experience peak loads, we can replicate our gateway with the push of a button.

The Gateway is PCI-DSS compliant and capable of processing high volumes of transactions. It was developed in 2013 with the needs of developers in mind, using the latest technology, such as a fast and scalable noSQL technology, giving it flexibility, scalability and stability. It handles online and offline PIN verification and supports both authorization and capture in a single message, as well as a dual message protocol where the capture / settlement message is typically sent in batches once a day.

AWS gateway

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is only valuable when shared. That’s why we’ve built a custom analytics platform to give you the actionable data you need to make informed decisions about your payments software. From a heat map of where transactions are being performed, to types of transactions, and a plethora of other data, we provide the insights necessary to take your payments solution to the next level.

reporting and analytics tools
flexibility of the platform

Flexibility Built In

We built it all. We control the technology. The Handpoint team is constantly working to support new processors and functionalities. We have the power to add a card reader, processor, SDK, workflow, you name it. If your requirement is missing from this list, please contact us directly so we can discuss custom integration.

flexibility of the platform

International Processor Links

Our gateway gives you access to processors on three continents. See below for the full list of processors and supported features.

international reach for payments processing

in development
United States Canada Europe South Africa
Magnetic Stripe
(Chip & PIN or Chip & Sign)
Apple/Android Pay
(added during the sale transaction)
(US Specific)
Electronic Benefits transfer EBT
(US specific)
Tip Adjustment
(US specific)

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