Handpoint mobile POS

The most secure and least complicated payment service for Mobile POS


Certified Applications

Example of Apps using Handpoint’s API

Cervello App and Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail and Hospitality
  • Windows, Android and iOS
  • ePOS system

Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail and Hospitality
  • PC and iOS
  • Point of Sale Software

Odin software and Handpoint mPOS


  • Travel and Tourism
  • Windows 8
  • Point of Sale Application

Reynd and Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail
  • PC
  • POS system

Stokkur App and Handpoint mPOS


  • Mobile Development
  • iOs, Android & WP
  • Mobile Applications

ECR and Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail and ticketing
  • WinCE & Mobile & PC
  • POS systems

Strikamerki and Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail
  • PC
  • ePOS system

PSS and Handpoint mPOS


  • Retail & Municipal
  • WinCE & Mobile & Windows
  • Mobile Software


Starter kit sign up

Start Accepting Payments

Sign up for our starter kit

Dear Software Developer!

Please register to receive our starter kit – the cost is 129 pounds + VAT. The starter kit includes one card reader and a test credit card with a test account. When you have registered and received our starter kit – all you need to do is the following:

  1. Download our API
  2. Integrate your app with our API
  3. We do a few comfort tests
  4. That’s it – You can start taking payments!


Apply for a Merchant Account

When you have completed the integration it is time to set up a merchant account.
Your customer, the merchant, needs to apply for a merchant account via Handpoint


Choose between two pricing models

  • A

  • Transparent pricing. 2.65% for credit and debit card transactions + a one-time setup fee of £99 + VAT. for the Card Reader
  • 2.65% per transaction
  • +
  • £99 setup fee
    • No monthly fees
    • No hidden fees
    • Free app
    • Card Reader
  • Visa, Mastercard, VPAY and Maestro.
  • B

  • Transparent pricing. Fixed 1.49% for consumer credit cards & 19p for debit card transactions + £17.5 + VAT monthly fee for the Card Reader and the Payment Service. VPAY, Premium and international cards at 2.65%.
  • 1.49% per transaction
  • +
  • £17.5 monthly fee
    • Your own app
    • £99 setup fee
    • No hidden fees
    • Our open API
    • Card Reader
  • Visa, Mastercard, VPAY and Maestro.

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