let's start the adventure

Here are five steps to help you get started with your new mobile payment solution

1. Download the Handpoint mPOS App

To download the Handpoint mPOS App onto your smartphone, search for "Handpoint" in your app store and the Handpoint's mPOS app should be at the top of the list. If you don't have an account with your phone's app store, making one is your first step.


2. Account Set-up

In order to use the Handpoint mPOS app to accept card payments, you need to be set up with your own merchant account. If you are unsure if you have an activated merchant account, please get in touch with your provider of the mPOS solution.


3. First Time Login

When you open the mPOS app for the first time, you must sign up with the same e-mail address that you provided when setting up your Merchant Account. Then, please use a unique, safe password. If you wish to use an alternative e-mail address, contact your provider to update your account.


4. Connect your Card Reader and the App

a) The mPOS app will prompt you to pair your card reader. Ensure your device (smartphone, computer or tablet) has Bluetooth turned on and that your card reader is switched on. Select the correct card reader from the options provided (identifiable from the serial number which is also at the back of your card reader).
b) If your card reader's serial number does not appear when prompted, you can go into 'Settings', select 'Device' and you should find your card reader's serial number as an option there.
c) Wait until you see the Blutooth icon on the card reader screen. When that icon appears, it confirms that the card reader is connected. This may take a few seconds.


5. Card Reader Initialization

a) Initiate a transaction in the mPOS app on the device.
b) When the message "UPDATING READER" appears, the card reader will start downloading and installing the update.
c) When the card reader has finished, the message "UPDATE COMPLETE" will appear.
d) Your card reader will automatically restart.



Once your card reader has restarted, you can then start accpeting payments with your Handpoint mPOS solution!