Integrated Payments For POS Developers

Minimal Assembly Required

Locked Down Tighter Than a Vault

State-of-the-art architecture delivers speed to market without compromising on security. Our semi-integrated architecture, pre-certified EMV card readers, and P2PE encryption eliminate any sensitive data from the POS environment, reducing the risk of security breaches of all kinds. From sophisticated hackers to friendly fraud and chargebacks, Handpoint’s innovative platform security has got you covered.


The Total Package

Handpoint’s PaaS solution has a plethora of features to meet your business’s needs.

  • Sale (MSR, EMV, NFC, PIN Debit)
  • Refund
  • Reversal
  • Tip Adjustment
  • Pre-Authorizations (2017)

Pick the features you need to get the job done right. Customize the experience to and gain control over the transaction result to add special information to a receipt or display the transaction status right on the point of sale.


Integrate At The Speed Of Light

Our philosophy for our platform is power through simplicity. Our API can be, and has been, integrated in less than 30 minutes to accept sales and simple transactions from beginning to end.

A more full-featured integration can be finished in less than a few weeks, making us one of the most nimble platforms to work with industry-wide. Take what you need, leave what you don’t. Our platform is built to give you the tools you need for your specific solution.


Faster Integration + Faster Growth

Partner success is our goal. Post integration with the Handpoint platform, you can expect world class distribution and activation of your point of sale with the Handpoint card readers and platform.

Working with us you can expect to Grow Grow Grow!

Create solutions your merchants will love. And go to market with ISOs, processors and resellers on three continents who sell Handpoint-integrated solutions. Build your channel strategy with the best global platform in the industry.

We’ll work with your team to make sure that we create the ideal experience for your merchant partners through every step of the process.


Start Now...No Seriously, Start Right Now.

We’re all about access, so we’ve made it possible to literally start this second.

  1. Download the SDK and import the libraries into your project.
  2. Contact Us Today we’ll be happy to send your first terminal and test cards for your full integration.

We have sample apps, starter guides, and the world’s friendliest support to get you started should you have any questions.


Real Humans, At Your Service

Partner success is serious business around these parts. No forced forums or multi-week long email replies. We have real humans ready to help you with troubleshooting, technical questions, or just a friendly chat. Email, call, or hit our chat box to speak to someone right away.


Let’s talk!

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