The Right Tool For The Job

Aesthetic, compact, and designed for your needs

The HiLite

Ideal for mobile payments or mounted in a sleek countertop stand. Integrates with POS on any platform - iOS, Android, Windows, and Browser - for retail, field services, rentals, transportation, QSR, and more.


The HiPro

A complete mobile POS: payment terminal with P2PE in an iPhone/iPod Touch sled with integrated barcode scanner. Transform customer engagement on the floor, at the table, or in the field.


The HiFive

HiFive combines the portability and multi-functionality of the HiLite with WiFi and GPRS connectivity. In addition, the HiFive features an integrated printer so that you’ll never be stuck behind a cashier station again.


Migrate your entire portfolio today with Integrated Ready terminals

Every card reader you sell should be Integrated Ready. Handpoint’s Integrated Ready card reader can be switched seamlessly from standalone to integrated when your merchant is ready to upgrade. In the meantime, manage your Handpoint standalone with all the benefits of the Handpoint platform - from P2PE and remote key injection, to remote updates and cloud-hosted terminal management. Coming soon!


Accept all payment types

Handpoint card readers are pre-certified for payments via: Magnetic Stripe, EMV Chip & Sign, EMV Chip & Pin, Contactless and support Apple and Android Pay. Handpoint always stays on top of the latest technologies in order to offer the best checkout experience to both the merchant and the cardholder.

hilite single charger

The Single Charger

Mostly used for mobile scenarios, the low-profile Single Charger allows the card reader to be removed from the cradle so it can be brought directly to the customer.


The Stand

Designed for fixed point of sale solutions, the stand fits perfectly on a countertop, a discreet charging cable on the side of the stand will keep the terminal charged at all times.

hipro multi charger

The Multi Charger

Perfect for larger retailers and restaurants, the Multi Charger allows multiple readers to be charged at the same time and is often used for queue busting scenarios.

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